Friday, December 11, 2009


In my self-portrait, I wanted to portray an interesting viewpoint with my use of mirrors and focus on the unique shadow created on my hair. I used Botticelli as a mentor for drawing each individual curl in my hair. I created these shadows by finding the lights and darks cast from the light on my hair. I chose to do a straight on composition, with a mirror covering half of my face because I found it extremely unique and unusual. It draws your attention to the main focus of my drawing - my hair and face. The mood I am evoking is very calm and serene. You can see this face being repeated over and over again in the the mirror held over my face. The light being cast on my face is creating sharp shadows on my face. I created a 3D form by drawing the shadows on the face, rather than the features themselves. Instead of making a background, I chose to keep the background plain to make the focus on the most important parts of the drawing. This simplicity reinforces my style. The biggest risk I took in my portrait was attempting to draw hair that looked realistic and similar to my own. I think I was successful in accomplishing this goal.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


My mentors are Peggy Kroll and Wayne Thiebuad, even though they are both very different artists I find both of there works beautiful and unique. I love the way Wayne Thiebuad draws the most common objects and makes them just seem so fascinating and I love how Peggy Kroll can draw something that at first glance looks messy and unorganized but once you look at it for a while you can't even imagine how she could make something that plain look that amazing.

Sketchbook pieces

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Self Portrat

Christmas Bulb Project

Hanging Shirts

My drawing is about light. In my picture I created a 3-D affect by bending light and color patterns over fabric. I made my shirt look white by using none white colors for shadows. I did three shirts, one in the foreground and two in the back ground. The two shirts in the back do not have any detail and look unfinished, but I made the one in the front have more detail. But I think that I am going to leave it like that so you pay more attention to the one in the front. I really liked this project and learned a lot.

Freshmen year hearts of darkness